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Thoughts On Reflective Hi-viz Riding Gear

Thoughts On Reflective Hi-viz Riding Gear

It’s a funny thing as you get older. You become more aware of the dangers of riding. One thing I think a lot of riders overlook is reflective clothing. This day and age with all the smart phone drivers out there the time for being seen is more important than ever. This is where proper amount reflective riding gear comes in.

I remember way, way back when I bought my first street motorcycle. I wanted to get some good riding gear to go with it. I asked one of the salesmen about reflective/hi-viz jackets and he pointed out a couple brands. My first impression was that these jackets lacked the proper amount of reflectiveness or color for them to actually be effectively seen out on the road. I said to the guy, don’t you have anything else? Something with more reflective material? He laughed at me and said why… do you want to look like a Christmas tree all lit up riding down the road? I laughed back and moved on never really thinking about it again.

Fast-forward to now, many years later. I have little more rider wisdom and now I fully gear up for the war on the streets. The enemy, the distracted driver and they are all over the place. I have grown out of the, “but I don’t look cool” thing and think more along the lines of, "Is this gear going to protect me? Are cars going to see me?"

That brings me to reflective jackets, pants, gloves, etc. Ask yourself the question. Do I have enough reflective/hi-viz gear on when I ride? The right amount of reflective clothing can be very effective at all times of the day. If you don’t have riding gear that has reflective material on it then you can easily add on a vest or belt and can even go as far as buying some high-vis yellow and orange clothing from eBay or Amazon.

Just think, someday you might be riding along and catch someone’s eye before they pull out or worse left turn front of you. You never know, a little reflective high-visibility clothing might save your live.

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