2016 Top Close Calls Motorcycle Video Compilation

It's amazing how many close calls there are in this video yet they keep on going! The close call that scared me was at 02:36. Watch that rider as he gets launched into that intersection like a rocket LOL! Everyone show BLOX STARZ TV some love and go to their YouTube channel and click on the subscribe button! Can't wait for 2017!!

Tags: Kansas City, MO, Stunts, Crashes, Wheelies, Blox Starz TV, Crazy, Suzuki GSX-R 600, Rolling Burnouts, Funny, Crash, Stunt Crash, Close Calls, compilation,

1040 admin Stunts Dec 12, 2016
New rider crashes into a garage door, LOL! This Rider Crashes Hard! Looks Like Oil On The Road.

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