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The FCC just announced its plan to slash net neutrality rules, allowing ISPs like Verizon to block apps, websites, and charge fees to control what you see & do online. They vote December 14th.

https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/search/proceedings?q=name:((17-108)) click on "+Express" to file your comment.

First Time At The Isle Of Man TT Race! LOL!

This guys Dad get excited by the insane Isle Of Man TT Speed. Checking out the flybys!

Tags: Road Racing, Irish, Isle Of Man, IOM, TT, TT Racing, Flybys, Dad Watching Racing,

1923 admin Road Racing Apr 11, 2015
Furious 2! Guy Martin Vs Michael Dunlop At 200mph! Motorcycle Runs Off The Road And Crashes

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