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@JDM600RR Love the vid, but wouldn't it be smart to hide your faces,? since you're hiding your plates? phant0mh0b0 19 hours ago

@phant0mh0b0 I'd like to think law enforcement has better things to do than troll youtube vids to hand out traffic tickets. If the tickets come, so be it, who cares. Like to see them try to prove who was the one in the helmet riding. haha?

JDM600RR 19 h

Insane Deals Gap Crash!


Rider wrecked in a tank top at Deal's Gap and only had scrape on his arm. Therefore, this clip is dedicated to all the gear Nazis out there! Worry about what you wear, not what everyone else does. More footage to come shortly! We have over 200GBs from our trip to edit!

Tags: Crashes, Scary, tail of the dragon, deals, gap, jdm600rr, street killers,

9090 jdm600rr Crashes Jul 12, 2011
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