HAI "The Prequel" Animation Never Released from Jon Theis on Vimeo.

Music by LTfromSTC, Cuts by Yaeger the Dagger

The Unreleased HAI MOVIE | Stop Animation

This is the intro animation for the HAI video, "The Prequel" which was never released. Featuring Mark Weeks, Kyle Woods, Joe Vertical, AC Farias, Aaron Colton, Rick Payne, Teach McNeil, Aaron and Jacob Brunelle, T-ICE, and Scary Gary.

Tags: Stunts, squidwheelies, squid, wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, trials, acrobatics, acros, drift, crash, wreck, fail,

3252 SquidWheelies Videos Nov 26, 2010
The Unreleased HAI MOVIE | AC Farias SquidWheelies.com | 2009 GoPro Edit

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